Preschool 100th Day Celebration

The Preschoolers celebrated the ‘100th Day’ on Thursday, December 14, 2017.
Can you stand like a statue for 100 seconds? What we will be doing in 100 minutes? What do 100 buttons put together look like? Preschool ‘100th Day’ celebration was the amalgamation of fun learning time with a focus on ‘number’ learning. The Preschoolers had tremendous activities throughout the day such as, sharing and enjoying eating 100 cookies, hundredth day puppet show, watching a short movie about the hundredth day at school, scavenger hunt to collect hundred objects and nature walk to collect hundred leaves.
Afterwards, the Preschoolers made a leaf wreath out of those collected leaves. At the end, they stood together to form the shape of the number “100” in the Academy’s Green Oval area and posed for the photo. It was a ‘BRILLIANT’ day for the young learners of the Academy!