Class Activity

Classroom Activity Grade 1

Classroom Activity Grade 2

Junior Classes

French Class - Grade 3

English Language Class - Grade 5

Preschool KG2 - Essential Agreement

Preschool KG2 - Division of Fiction and Non-Fiction Books

Preschool KG2 - Connection Web

Preschool Activity and Games

Preschool KG2 - Making Eid/Holiday Cards

Preschool KG2 - Drawing My Abilities

Preschool KG2 - Choose your Attitude

Preschool KG2 - Learning Clock Time

MYP Grade 6 - Scince Activity

Preschool KG1 - Personalizing Drawers

Preschool KG1 - All About me

Preschool KG1 - Choosing My Profile

Preschool KG1 - Think Pair Share (what friends should be like)

Preschool Nursery - Drawing My Home

Preschool Playgroup - My Family ,People we Love

Preschool KG2 - Interview with P.E Teacher

Preschool KG2 Chef Activity- Making Healthy Snack

Preschool KG1 - Making cards for their loved ones

Preschool Nursery - What my family does together

Preschool KG2 - Personalizing My Drawers

Preschool KG2 - I am unique Magnifying Finger Prints

Preschool KG1 - What families does together

Preschool KG2 - Mummifying

Preschool Playgroup - Learning Alphabet A

Preschool KG1 - Roles and Responsibilities

Learning about Measurements - PYP 1

Early Year 3 - Thumbprint inside the magnifying glass

Sports Club

Track e Thon 2016

Football - 360 Degree Video

Swimming Pool

Water Handball - Underwater Shooting


Zumba for Kids

Home Economics Club

Kuwait project in Arabic Language - Fahad Yousaf - Grade 5

Project on Urdu - Mattas Ali Afzal - Grade 8

Presentation on France - Lilya & Ines - Grade 8

Dream Fairy by Malak - Grade 5

Project on Urdu - Mattas Ali Afzal - Grade 8

Kuwait project in Arabic Language - Fahad Yousaf - Grade 5

Isa Adnan - Grade 5

Project on Faisal Mosque

Project on Hazrat Sulaiman

Project on East Asian Subcontinents

Morning Assembly

Resonance & How musical instruments work? By Mariam Qureshi - Grade 12

Principles of Resonance Tube by Faiqa Ahmad- Grade 12

How electricity is produced and distributed?- By Students of Grade - 8

Circuit Game by Taha - Grade 5


Simple machine - Grade 4

Circulatory System

Hydroelectric Power Plant - Muhammad Hamza Sohail - Grade 9

Deforestation and Conservation of Wetlands - Mariam Qureshi Grade 12

Elephant toothpaste

Preschool KG2 - Drawing Human body and Skeleton

Grade 10 - Dissection of An Eye

Grade 9 - Classification of Plant Kingdom

Preschool KG1 - Learning about Skeleton and Human body