Faculty & Staff

Administrative Staff

Our team of dedicated, professional teaching faculty members rounds out the internationalism of Sheikh Zayed International Academy-Islamabad as it imparts the high-quality international curricula integrated into each grade level of study offered at the Academy.

We have teachers and administrators from many different countries hailing from nations including Canada, Lebanon, the U.K., Jordan, France, Sudan, Egypt, the U.S.A., Russia, Uzbekistan and Pakistan.

At our Academy, our teaching faculty members are approximately 57 in number. For the grade levels from Playgroup to Grade 3, there is both a homeroom teacher and an assistant teacher. In the Junior Section, all of the teachers are full-time while, in the Senior Section, a small number of our teachers are part-time in addition to the staff of full-time teachers that are present.

All of the teachers at SZIA receive professional development, training at various workshops held on and off the campus. They are trained the principles inherent in the Modern Philosophy of Education. As well, our teachers continually reinforce social education through imparting human values wherever possible within their class lessons. We also have specialist teachers in the subjects of ‘English As a Second Language’, French, Core Mathematics, Pakistan Studies, Social Studies and Computer Studies.

All of the members of our teaching faculty are properly qualified with Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s Degrees, as well as M. Phil. and PhD. Degrees and possess an impressive number of years of teaching experience. All together, our teachers work as a family that shares a passion for teaching in their collective endeavour to impart quality education of an international standard to each of their students.


We have a broad-based team of foreign-national administrative staff members working in their respective capacities in the numerous departments that exist at the Academy. We have administrators from the countries of Palestine, Jordan, Sudan, Canada, The U.K., Pakistan and the U.S.A.

Within the Junior and the Senior Sections, the hierarchy begins with the Head of Section followed by the Academic Coordinator and the Subject Coordinators. The latter two levels coordinate with each other on purely academic issues, while the Head of Section deals with matters concerning both students and parents.

Within the hierarchy, the coordination among the administrators serves as a link between the levels. As such, there is continual follow-up regarding lesson plans, syllabus breakdown and the implementation of the curriculum.